When one thinks of connecting his Brand to his customers digitally, SEO is one of the most popular words that one gets to hear every day. With hundreds of new business coming in the market every day, it’s very important to keep your brand’s ranking high in Google and other search engines. That’s where SEO comes in the picture. But to understand more about SEO trends, first it’s important to understand what SEO is and what it exactly does.

What is SEO?

SEO in short is Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, you can grow the quantity and quality of website traffic for your business. Not to mention that when there is growth of the traffic, there’s automatically growth in your site’s visibility as well and that means, your website will reach more potential customers in very less time. You can also target a specific area or type of customers via SEO. SEO increases the quality of organic search results for your brand and also helps to target different types of searches. In short, SEO is one of the most successful digital marketing strategies in today’s market.

Every year, Google actively make multiple different changes to its search algorithms and that effectively shows impact on the search ranking of your business. But if you know the trend of the present year, it gives you surely an upper hand to mold your business in the most practical way and extract benefits from it.

Let’s discuss Top 10 SEO Trends for 2020.

  1. Informative content — Good, informative and moderately lengthy contents have always ranked in the top of the list when it comes to SEO trends. A research shows that the contents which make in the top 10 list always contain 2000 words at least. Also, it’s important to always check the trendy keywords and put them in your contents so that when people search for those specific keywords, your contents pop up on the top of search results. Informative contents will raise the readers’ interests and they will dwell for more time in your page. Thus, Google will mark your page as popular and will give you better ranking in the search results.
  2. Video content — Google always gives top ranking to video contents in any search results and that’s definitely going to continue in 2020 too. So, make informative and interesting video contents of your business or products, upload them into YouTube, and then attach the link in your blog with written information about the content in your video. Thus you will surely gain impressive ranking in search results. If you don’t know how to create a successful business video, then you can take help from experts like Arya Media who offers Single Window Digital Solutions under one roof for any of your projects or venture you want to connect digitally.
  3. Voice search — Searching the nearest service via voice search is one of the newest trends. Customers are very specific when they ask a question to Google because they expect an accurate answer for the question they’ve asked. Make sure that your page gives that specific answer and you’ll gain top rank in search results.
  4. Featured snippet — A compact but brief summary of answer to a search query is called snippets. These are always in trend. So make sure that your page contains such helpful snippets that will satisfy customers’ questions easily.
  5. Influencer marketing — People get overwhelmed with ads when they search for something online. That’s why influencer marketing is always in trend. Influencer helps you to generate traffic, grow your online visibility and thus boosts your reach. This way you’ll reach more target audience.
  6. BERT — Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT gives people the freedom to customize their own question answering system. As an SEO marketer, one will definitely increase their chances to rank on the first page of Google search results if they use BERT.
  7. Customer experience — Always focus on customer experiences on your website cause without successful customer interaction and better digital experience for them, your site is doomed, no matter how brilliant it is. Make sure that your webpage loads quickly and contains the answers of the questions that your customers are looking for. Give a better digital experience to them and Google will increase your rank.
  8. Mobile search — Nowadays majority of the internet users are on mobile phones. So, your site must be phone friendly and customers must get access to your business via phones.
  9. E-A-T — Before ranking any content or a website, Google always look into reputation & check its overall Expertise, Authorativeness and Trustworthiness. So make sure that your business has a positive E-A-T by providing a successful and meaningful customer experience.
  10. Structured data — Sometimes Google’s algorithm fails to understand the structure of content. Therefore, you must include hints in your content that will help Google to understand and deliver it to the customers based on their queries. Thus structuring the data in Google’s favor will help your content to gain higher rank in search results.