The digital marketing space is constantly developing and changing its mode of marketing techniques. It is estimated that the digital marketing industry is expected to reach $1.3 trillion marks globally in the year 2020. It seems that the digital marketing industry has come a long way in the last two decades. Many things like content marketing were infancy earlier but people are learning the curve, experimenting and adapting quickly to it currently.

In past, online marketing has been web-centric and confined only to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), concentrated on website design and email marketing. Of course, the traditional dependence on offline marketing did exist. The reason may be the marketing agencies were not able to depend completely on online marketing. Going on, the marketers did some research and adopted themselves with the new tools like the Internet, it is when there came a drastic change and marketers started becoming open to trying, exploring and testing online mediums such as ebooks, podcasts, blogs, video search, video streaming content, content marketing, social media marketing and so on.

Today, we have listed down the popular digital market tools that most of the digital marketing agencies are using to do all kinds of affiliate marketing activities.

1) Video Marketing: This is going to be the topmost priority for all marketing companies. The marketing teams create, curate, and utilise videos to market their products to the right target audiences. The business should now focus on creating engaging videos. The most important about video content is to create ad strategies, identify the audience and create a brand image. If the target audience is accurate, it is quite sure that the audience will like you and your message, they will trust you and become a regular audience. You can experiment with your tone, style and scripts as well.

2) Influencer Marketing: Influencers are people on whom the audience has belief and follow their daily activities. They may be sharing content about their hobbies, passion, and even personal lives, which is interesting for the target audience. For a brand, it is important to select their influencer that makes sense and is relatable. Remember, the right influencer not only helps to promote a brand but supports to maintain a good brand image.

3) Blogs and Content: Blogging has been an old strategy in digital marketing. With time, things started changing and the requirements of brands have started taking a new look. The most important thing to include in content or blogging is to attract the right audience, which means it should be more like storytelling and interactive rather than boring.

Types of interactive content:

– Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual reality (VR): Augmented Reality (AR) is a set of technology that amplifies and enhance digital data and images of the physical world whereas virtual reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a near-reality environment.

– Shoppable posts: An integration that makes easy to tag and shop products directly from organic social media pages. Instagram is a good example of it.

– Polls and Quizzes: A business should posts polls and quizzes to keep interaction with the audiences.

Artificial Intelligence: It is the collection of customer data, insights, machine learning, and other computational concepts. Brands can use AI to create target centric videos and post them online either on social media or any other platforms.
Voice Search: According to findings, 20 per cent of searches are done through Google voice searches. It is a voice command to search the Internet. This trend will continue to grow further. Following are the best voice search assistance that is available:
Apple-Hey, Siri
Google: OK, Google
Amazon: Hey Alexa
Microsoft: Hey, Cortana

Google Smart Bids: Google ads are quite result-oriented if done correctly. Ads specialists analyse every information and continuously adjust the keywords, ad phrasing content and the bids for successful results.
There are plenty of human strategies implemented to optimize PPC performance. You have to test and experiment bid strategies to get the desired results.

Direct Messaging: We can use the direct messaging platform of social media platform to interact with customers and grow business leads. It is a form of instant networking opportunities. The best way to connect with partner brands, potential influencers and brand ambassadors.
Employee Engagement: It is important to engage employees with the official social media brand account. Engage multiple employees that are dedicated and have achieved desired goals. Tag them by posting their images and achievements that will be a tremendous asset for the company. It will improve your online reputation and community. LinkedIn is the best marketing tool for employee engagement.

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