With the advent of technology, the whole concept of business marketing has changed in this era. The internet has added an advantage to digital business growth.Currently, we have more internet users in rural areas than we have in the urban space. According to the Internet & Mobile Association of India(IAMAI) and Nielsen latest report, rural India has 227 million active users, which is 10 per cent more than urban India’s 205 million users. It seems that India is a digitally growing market and has a huge potential of evolution in future. The report predicts that by 2022, India’s smartphones penetration will also increase substantially. Almost 36 per cent of mobile phone users in India will usesmartphones.


It means there will be a vast transition taking place in the advertising and marketing space worldwide. The digital marketingmodel is likely to emerge as a new future. The shift is taking place where potential dependency will be shown towards digital advertising and marketing in comparison to traditional media marketing.


Potential Changes in Marketing Techniques


Direct mail, print advertisement and television advertising are the traditional marketing techniques, which are still being used forpromotional activities but are eventually becoming less popular. Earlier, the advertisers used to publish in the newspapers, magazines and televisions their promotional activities to spread awareness.


For many small and medium businesses, traditional media marketing is quite expensive. Nowadays people want everything in their doorstep and fingertips. This is why the trend of digital marketing took off a few years back.  Online marketing simply requiresa high speed internet connection, social media platforms and devices to start. It can be done in a limited budget and there isimmense flexibility. It is thebest tool forstartups, small and medium businesses. The large conglomerates are investing huge cash in the digital marketing business these days. Going digitally, the businesses can assure to have an online presence with a wider audience day in and day out.


How to build your online brand


We need to understand that with the changes in technology, we need to change our mind-set. As the future of technology changes and new possibilities emerge in the online marketing space, it is best for all businesses to adapt to the changing trend as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we will simply be out of this market just like Nokia and Kodak. For instance, Kodak could not see the future in digital photography as a disruptive technology that destroyed its film-based business model. Similarly, Nokia missed its opportunities in the smartphone market too.So, it is important to change with the latest technology to be present in the market and build brand recognition. Following are how you can build your online presence and marketing techniques:


Social Media Marketing:It is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to achieve marketing goals. The activities such as posting texts, videos, communicating with customers including others are few ways to improve social media presence and customerengagement.


Content Marketing:It is used by the vast majority of marketers these days to promote content on different social media platforms. It is the process of creating and sharing of content such as videos, blogs, articles and social media posts to drive audience and build strong customer relationship.


SEO and SEM: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is increasing the quality and quantity online traffic to a website and Search engine marketing (SEM) is considered the method to increase the visibility of a website online through organic search engines results and advertising.


Broadening the reach via Digital Marketing


The scope to offer advertising solutions via offline media is limited. Through traditional media, one can cater to a set of individual and demographics. On the other hand, the new-age digital media allows to cater tovast audiences and groups within the country and globally.The digital platform has been able to break the boundaries of language, demographic and geography. Every age group people are online these days. If a marketer is looking out for a wider audience then it is available online.


Digital platform help to Generate Business Lead


Moreover, making a business presence online will also help to generate a potential lead. If a consumer can find your business online and check your product quality, they will gain trust and approach you immediately. Having a helpful catalogue and creative content that describes your business will help to generate potential lead. This lead may finally turn into a long term customer relationship.


Moreover, running Lead Campaigns on the social media platforms that provide real-time results can help in targeting new audiences and help in business growth.



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