You are planning to start up a business but you are unwilling to invest in marketing due to insufficient fund. So, how are you going to compete in the market? There exist many websites and app development sites that can support your business to grow for free. There are the tools, which are also referred to as marketing stack, are easily available online.The tools have features which are the best alternative to paid services. Here we go with the list:

Social Media Marketing: Today, social media is important for any business to make their presence online. There are tools for many small and medium businesses to manage their social media calendar. Like, you can plan posts for a week in ahead. These are:

  • Buffer: It offers a simple free plan, which is useful for the users. You can schedule 10 posts across three social accounts.The marketing tools also show up the analytics for all social media accounts at one place.
  • Hootsuite: It is free where you can hosts 30 scheduled messages across three social accounts.

Besides the above free marketing hacks, there are others such as Loomly, Sprout social, Meet Edgar, Later, Sendible and Promorepublic are best for streamlining the operations of social accounts.

Design:You need photographs for infographics, websites, blogs, social media posts, to create businesscards or email marketing ideas etc. How do you make this for free? Here are the tools:

  • Canva: It is a platform, which provides services for free. It is a design web tool that provides easy to customized services. The best thing about these graphic design software is, it is tailored for non-designers as well.
  • Gimp Image Editor:It is free software with which you can edit images of your choice. It is helpful for any graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, etc.
  • Pic Monkey:The platform provides a free trial to its users. You can choose a stock photo, tweak it, with effects and do some touch-up.

Content Management: To develop and publish content, there are various content management tools available. The free versions are ShareIt and WordPress that are currently available online.

  • ShareIt: A free app that transfer file first. If you a document to share to a friend then shareIt does it very quickly only with the Internet connection. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • WordPress: It is a free and open-source content management system that is used by end-users such as blogger, writers, products companies, etc.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)&Analytics: The content that you are publishing on the websites and blogs have to monitor. The keyword research, analytics, link generation, rank checking, and other activities can be easily observed via such tools. The most popular version is Google Analytics, SEMRushand Hotjar.

  • Google Analytics: It is a free tool designed to track website traffic and customer behaviour.
  • SEMRush:It provides solutions for search engine optimization, pay per click(PPC), content optimization and competitive data research. There are free trial options.
  • Hotjar:It provides feedback about audience behaviour and voice of a particular website’s users. It provides a freeplan that let you collect data upto certain pages and beyond it, you have to opt for a paid plan.

There are also Google Trends, Google Console, Moz Tools, and Screaming Frog.

Email Marketing:

Mailerlit:The plan is for free and it allows to send 12,000 emails per month. It is a user-friendly software that let you create email campaigns, manage subscribers create a landing page, provide results of emails send, surveys including others.

Sender: It is one of the easiest to use and affordable email marketing tools available currently. It helps e-commerce marketers to send emails for generating revenues.  It lets you create newsletters without any knowledge of HTML.

HubSpot Email Marketing: The free email marketing software of HubSpot is very useful for any enterprise. It is reliable and is featured-packed. This tool helps you to be active with your subscribers and help in marketing activities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

The best CRM software includes HubSpot CRM,,Freshsales, Insightly, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), and Zoho CRM. These are easily available online. is one of the best CRM software tool available online. It provides one-stop solutions to the end-users.

HubSpot CRM:It enables marketing and sales department to elevate its productivity. It is very good software.

These tools provide strategies, practices, and technologies that are used by companies to manage and analyse customers. The goal in CRM activities is to improve customer service relationships, assist in retaining consumers and increasing sales

Video Marketing:The marketing teams create videos to market their products to the right target audiences. The business should now focus on creating engaging videos. Software like Clipchamp Create, GoPro, Typito, Vidlab, and Filmmakerpro are good for making video marketing clips.


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